A streamlined Sales Management function that allows you to create, manage and maintain all sales-related information, such as Sales Order details, Sales Receipts, Payment Notifications, Tax deductions, Discounts, etc.


A streamlined Purchase Management function that allows you to create, manage and maintain all purchase-related information, such as Purchase Order details, Goods Receipts, Payment Notifications, Tax deductions, etc.


Employee module maintains all the personal and Professional details of the employee such as Date Of Joining, Salary, Personal info etc.


Supplier information database for instant access to details such as Contact Information, Address, Payment Terms, etc.


Customer module maintains all the information about the customer like Name, contact details and Ledger reports/account which shows all the previous transaction by the customers.


Inventory modules helps you to keep track on the avaiable stock or products in the store or business. Which helps you to plan accurately for the supply to satisfy the demands of the customers.

Recievable Payment

Recievable payment module helps you to find out people or customers due. using this module you can collect all the outstanding payments from the customers with proper reminders in the system.

Payable Payments

Payable payment helps you to know how many payments are due from your side to avoid the conflicts with your Vendors or Suppliers. This system gives you proper reminders of pending payable payments with all the details.

All Types of Reports

This cloud based software provides you all the Ledger reports as per your requirement. its cloud based ability to provide you all the reports from your day one. Also you can export these reports to Excel and pdf formats.